One year can change everything...



Skipping a rock over a frozen pond makes the coolest noise.

stick around for the surprise ending

There’s so much to talk about here


*wears an oversized leather jacket and messy hair* *leans up against some walls*

top ten female superheroes batwoman a.k.a kathy kane

Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort (x)

“She’s wearing something that’s very soft and feminine and romantic. That’s something that I think has always been a part of her, but she’s always had to have her guard up so much that she hasn’t felt like she could express that side of herself.”

Jennifer Morrison (x)

“It took a man who wears leather and a hook to bring out the feminine side in her!” - Colin O’Donoghue

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Once Upon a Time & Frozen parallel




When all is said and done, Emma’s parents will make up for those missed years of lording over an unpredictable teenager by waiting up for their grown daughter — “allnight, to know the details” says Ginnifer Goodwin. Josh Dallas interjects, “David doesn’t want to know, like, everything, but he waits up…. (x)

oh my god


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