Title: Centuries (8 Bit)
Artist: Fall Out Boy
Listened: 161320 times


Credit : 8 Bit Universe

8 Places You’d Love to Go - 10 to 1 Challenge

1. England

2. Hawaii

3. Ireland

4. Japan

5. California (I’ve been to Cali but never to L.A.)

6. Scotland

7. Italy

8. France


I was shopping for my new baby cousin and i came across this…..thing.

I know babies enjoy being held buuut……the display is kinda weird


I accidentally killed a baby spider ;_; im so sorry…..


Bought some new horns yesterday woooooh!


i was in my mom’s car when she was getting food and i shit you not this bird stared at this pole for 15 minutes before he began squawking at it.

What the homefuck


My friend was going through my tumblr and she all the sudden goes “What the fuck.” I look over and go “Oh its homestuck.” Then she responds “What the homefuck.” XD


So this week im working at a robotics camp and we had a large amount of balloons so, i sat and drew faces on them and then this girl walked up to me and gave them name tags and we decided that they were gay lovers and we had a wedding ceremony and everything it was awesome.

Twitter and Ask.fm


Hey guys i just opened up two new accounts. If you want to follow me on twitter search @endsley_lauren or ask.fm @highwayInferno.

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